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Functional Medicine Blog


Functional Medicine Blog


What is Blog?

The current revolution in personal writing and instant publishing is called blogging. The Academy’s blog is an informal, easily maintained way to regularly communicate with our practitioners and the public.

What is Cast?

Casting is a form of blogging that incorporates videos and audio.

Why should I contribute?

  • Communicating with your peers and the public on important healthcare issues
  • Become a recognized expert as you contribute on specific topics
  • Increase your ranking on search engines
  • Reach new patients

How do I contribute?

The American Academy of Functional Medicine welcomes your contributions for the greater enrichment of our professions, patients, and the general public. To become a contributing author, please contact Dr. Garrett.

What is the Academy’s BlogCast?

The Academy’s BlogCast is an excellent place to introduce topics, ideas, and questions that are pertinent to functional medicine. It is also a great place to discuss case studies, as well as, a place for informal grand round presentations as a way to share your clinical successes and failures.

What is the Academy’s BlogCast not?

The Academy’s BlogCast is not a place to voice your political views, introduce yellow journalism, sensationalism, or a platform to voice your grievances.