Meet the Advisory Board

Functional Medicine Advisory Board

Functional Medicine Advisory Board

In functional medicine, it is important to know your limitations and to be able to ask for help. The Board of Advisors was established to create a bridge between our organization and experts relevant to every aspect of functional medicine. These are leaders that have been appointed to the Board in order to serve as an expansive knowledge base for the Academy. They not only provide expert technical knowledge but also serve to create a greater richness and diversity among our practitioners. The Academy’s advisors may serve up to three, three-year terms, with performance evaluations taking place at the end of years 3 and 6.

Advisors represent the skills, interests, backgrounds, accomplishments, and diverse constituencies involved in healthcare. Advisors provide valuable counsel on emerging concerns and trends, and in turn have stimulated the creation of program activities responding to a range of issues, including diversity, the clinical nutrition, continuing education, laboratory work, and practice development.




  • New Advisory Panel to be announced